2021 Fun Guandu

Beautiful Life

This year’s Bustling Guandu Festival invites Bare Feet Dance Theater to work together under the theme of “A Beautiful Life”. The exhibition will go hand in hand with the public, as we reflect upon and learn about the essence of life under the impact of the epidemic,  jointly weaving together a beautiful life with visionsand imaginations of local inhabitants.

The Guandu Culture and Arts Foundation provides space for multi-faceted dialogue and discussion in the stance of a “bridge” role. Through straightforward curatorial propositions, the connection between the local residents with the visitors and the theme itself with the local area is created.  First, it consciously increases the opportunities for community participation, and then slowly expands the perspective to include participants from all parties.  Eventually, sounds and voices from all directions generated by the same theme are collected.



Music Creation - The Song of Guandu

  • Chen Mingzhang and Mr. Zhong Yongfeng, lyricist of Sheng-Xiang & Band, were honorably invited to co-create a song of Guandu
  • The content is converted from the dictated memories of Guandu residents

#The Beauty of Guandu #Establishment of Local Identity #Community Participation

Video Creation-The Song of Guandu Music Video

  • Czech director Picha Karel was honorably invited to discover the beauty of Guandu from a different perspective
  • Bare Feet Dance Theater was invited to design dance steps suitable for local residents to dance together

#The Beauty of Guandu #Establishment of Local Identity #Community Participation

Community Promotion - Guandu Gourmet Food Map Project

  • Eye-catching themes are to be launched weekly, using gourmet food from stores in Guandu food to form sets of special meals. Professional photography is to be applied to shoot hallucinating and beautiful food pictures.
  • In four months, gourmet foods in the Daguandu area are to be sorted and categorized systematically.

#Local Promotions #Creating Highlights #Relationship Building

Online Course - Beautiful Life Summer Camp

  • Six Senses Lab – invited educators from different fields of art are to co-develop online aesthetic education courses for children
  • Steady Steps of Birds – Bare Feet Dance Theater Dance Teachers are to be invited to accompany families during the epidemic through interesting physical body development activities

#Providing Companionship #Epidemic Policies #WFH Essential #Fun with Infants