2021 Guandu International Nature Art Festival

Wetlands Orchestra

The fertile wetland breeds an abundance of living creatures while protecting various waterbirds. This year, with the theme of “Wetlands Orchestra”, the Guandu International Nature Art Festival will be intertwined with different chapters of a orchestra into an artistic creation; every life in nature has its own voice and its own story; the sound of nature is also known as the sound of silence. Yet, this does not mean that it is voiceless.  When a person’s mind is quiet, he shall hear the sound of the earth and the symphonic movement speaking of the wetlands.  This year, with “sounds” as the main axis, we will create harmonious and beautiful land art together.

Nature is a flowing music feast. The wetland orchestra not only provides auditory experience, but it is also our hope to construct a friendly environment in which man and nature may coexist and prosper through being immersed in the art festivities, and by being linked to music and art elements, to achieve the feeling of being healed mentally and physically.

Entering the 16th year of the art festival, this year, Guandu would be shaped mainly by soundscapes. Together with the artists, we are to participate in the sound collection of the Guandu Plain. The interaction of soundscapes would be added to the large-scale art works, and the art of sounds would become a creative element. At the same time, it leads the public to discover the intersections between human and nature sounds along with matters of more connotations.

In the wetland orchestra, one can personally experience the songs of insects and birds of a natural park and the sentimental dialogue between the natural ecology, the spiritual ebb and flow of artistic creativity, and the vastness of the land.  By joining In the activities of the art festival, you can personally experience all of this with different levels of sensations.

It is a priority that all the artistic works are built with natural materials, and the creation process is required to comply with the principles of being environmentally friendly, which conveys the value of habitat development and biodiversity, triggering the creation of artistic pieces that reflect ecological conservation awareness.

The Guandu International Nature Art Festival emphasizes on the interaction between man and nature. During the period of artistic creation, the public is invited to serve as art volunteers to create works with the artists while interacting with nature. The laughter of our volunteers and artists complemented another piece of soundscape art to the Guandu Nature Park.