2021 Taipei Birdwatching Fair

Be a Guardian Angel for Wild Birds 

The Taipei International Bird Watching Fair is an annual grand event in the international wildlife conservation community, supported by both domestic and foreign conservation groups.  Through the fair, in addition to making exchanges and sharing our experiences with other groups, we could directly promote our ecological conservation exchange platform to the public, which is a positive channel for promoting civilian diplomacy.

Although 2021 has been a year in which the COVID-19 pandemic has reduced human activities, by contrast, the world of nature has been vastly revived.  This has given us the opportunity to further experience the necessity of coexistence between humans and nature.

Therefore, in 2021, with a series of online activities, we invite the public to become “guardian angels of wild birds”. Let us build a bridge between our spirits and nature by protecting and showing admiration without interference, coexisting across this beautiful land.

Taipei International Birdwatching Fair website

Taipei International Birdwatching Fair Website Launched

With 22 years of activity records and historical photographs, connecting domestic and international birdwatching, bird conservation, and nature conservation interactive platforms, you will be quickly taken through time and experience the spirit of the birdwatching fair!

Taipei Metro Area Birdwatching Green Space Map

Let’s explore more tales of the birds together in the city

There are many hidden birdwatching locations that can be reached by MRT in the Taipei Metro Area. The main branch lines of the MRT are intertwined with astounding birdwatching routes, and the tips for birdwatching beginners have also been announced.  Welcome to join the Feiyu team!

Interdisciplinary Online Workshops

In addition to birdwatching, tonight, I would like to have something different……. the Interdisciplinary Birds Forum

Invited partners from various fields who follow birds closely are to jointly discuss other additional ways to create a bird-friendly environment in everyday life.  While we are able to appreciate birds in outdoor surroundings, we could also conserve the ecological environment by joining interdisciplinary discussions!

The Healing Bel Canto of the City

Behold the softest of whispers amidst the bustling in the city

Close your eyes and listen to the sounds of nature, discover the sounds of birds across the sky, within the woods, on the grasslands, in the wetlands, and from those all around us.

Become a Guardian Angel of Wild Birds

It must have been the SOP with which I picked up the wild bird was wrong!

“I picked up a cute bird.  Can I keep it?”
“The wild bird by the roadside looks so hungry. I fed it some millet to energize it!”
“There is a wild bird on the road.  How can I help it?”

Through clarification with correct knowledge of rescue, you will be able to rescue wild birds successfully and become a guardian angel of birds!